Please fill out the Book Us form and will get back to you! We recommend ordering at least 2 weeks in advanced because our calendar fills up fast. If your event is in 5 days or less, and we are available, we can do rush orders for garlands and BIG! Balloons with a $30 rush fee.


1. It is your responsibility to confirm that balloons are allowed at your venue.
2. Installation time ranges from 30 minutes to 4+ hours. Please prepare accordingly.
3. You are responsible for take down.  If you require disassembly by us, the fee starts at $30, depending on complexity of installation.

30 Minute Grace Period - We want you to love our creation as much as we do and creativity takes time. Since we often have more than one installation, we may not be able to complete your installation and you will not be offered a refund if you arrive more than 30 minutes after our agreed meeting time. 


Your installation is usually included in the 20% Materials and Fees charge. However, if you have a complex design or a set-up that requires additional support (like extra long ladders, truck rental, or heavy equipment rentals), we will inform you of any additional installation charges. 


Delivery is included north of Northlake, south of Donald Ross, and east of Military Trail. Please note that you will be charged a delivery fee of $5 per 5 miles for delivery outside of our delivery zone.


  • Balloons are fragile and temporary items. We are not responsible for your balloons after delivery.

  • BIG! Balloons last about 48 hours but can be subject to shorter or longer times depending on exposure conditions.

  • Indoor balloon installations can last several days if not exposed to extreme conditions. We can install garlands a day or two before your event. Please see our disclosure statement for more information.

  • Outdoor balloon installations are exposed to conditions beyond our control so the time they hold up varies. We recommend installing on the day of your event. Please see our disclosure statement for more information.


Our wildlife is important to us so we use 100% biodegradable balloons. We ask that you do not release any helium balloons in the air and please dispose of all balloons properly. We are always glad to help you take down your balloon installation. Our take down fee starts at $30.


Sorry, balloon returns aren't possible. The deposit you pay is non-refundable. You are responsible for full payment if you cancel less than 24 hours before your event.